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How to Pull Up Carpet and Lay Laminate Flooring Carpet Cleaning Fort Dodge

Vigorate your doorframe. This can ruin the look of your brand new floor.

Avoid cutting around the jambs of the doorways. Instead, you should remove the jamb on its bottom and then place the floor underneath. This is easier than trying to make complicated cuts under the door. Making this fix gives your doors a great look, which will make it appear as if you hired an agency for design to complete this work.

Laminate boards to be installed on staircases

Another area of concern when you install laminate flooring is around the staircase. This is where you need be cautious. Start by checking if one plank will cover all of the steps. If not, it's best to split two planks, and then place them in place instead of using only one plank and a small piece of the other. The stairs will appear nicer. Three pieces are required for each step. The first one is the tread, which sits on the step. Another piece will be the riser which rests vertically over the step. And the last piece is the trim, also known as stair nosing.

Begin by placing the tread starting from the uppermost part of the stairs while you go down. In order to ensure that the tread sticks securely to your steps it may require glue. The glue will also help keep the step from sliding on your foot when you step upon it. Next, fit the riser and glue it to the bottom of your steps. You can also nail it to the top of the steps as the nosing will cover the nails. Last but not least, add the nosing. If it's not a self-adhesive nosing edge, you'll be required to adhere it to it's place. Repeat the process until you're done the whole staircase. In order to avoid any mess, make sure to clean up all glue.

This is everything you need to know about how you can strip carpet and lay laminate flooring. If you are going to take on the project on your own make sure you have plenty of time. Preparation and having the right tools can allow the work to go smoothly.